The pilotsite consists of 17 buildings.

The pilot site Karlsruhe Rintheim is located in the federal state of Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany. In the years 2010 and 2011, 17 buildings have been connected to the district heating systems. These buildings are involved in eSESH.

The planned Energy Awareness Service is directed to the tenants with the purpose to raise consciousness concerning energy saving potentials in their private households. Using the energy portal, the tenants in Rintheim can check and control their energy consumption. This includes heating energy and hot and cold water consumption on a monthly basis as well as electricity consumption on an hourly basis. To offer a higher frequency for electricity consumption data, a link from the energy portal to the web portal from Stadtwerke Karlsruhe (SWK) is planned. Hence, if tenants want more detailed information about their electricity consumption, they can click to the portal from SWK over a direct link in their energy portal where data illustration is in a 15 minutes time resolution.

The planned Energy Management System is directed towards monitoring and controlling of the heat supply systems in Volkswohnung’s building stock. VoWo is in charge of the management of about 30 buildings in the residential quarter Karlsruhe-Rintheim. Since September 2009, sixteen of these buildings have been connected to a district heating network. At this site, flat-plate solar panels on the top of the building support the domestic hot water production in addition to the district heating supply.

The main aim of the EMS is to ensure early fault detection and the improvement of the performance of the heat supply system. A bad performance leads to higher consumption and to higher energy costs for tenants. By implementing a monitoring system, it is possible to identify those systems which have unsatisfactory energy performance and to take early actions to improve them.


Housing provider

Volkswohnung GmbH

Service provider

Stadtwerke Karlsruhe GmbH

Ennovatis for EMS

The awareness raising service for tenants measures the following parameter(s)

heating energy and hot and cold water consumption on a monthly basis as well as electricity consumption on an hourly basis

The management service used by professionals measures the following parameter(s)

Heating, domestic hot water and solar energy

Expected savings

10-15% for heating and 5-8% for electricity

Dwellings equipped with service


Energy Awareness Service


WEB Portal

Link to prototype


user name: volker.wohnung@volkswohnung.com

password: 123456


Benchmarking opportunities/ comparisons

  • previous periods
  • other tenants
  • average consumption of all dwellings in the same building


[kWh] and [m³] and also [units]


The tenants receive an alert by email when consumption is high and are also notified directly in the portal

Saving tips

Tenants receive saving tips in the portal

Energy coach

On request (tenants send an email to Volkswohnung) an energy coach visits the tenant in his/her home and explains the service as well as giving tips for changing settings and/or behaviour in order to save heating, water and electricity.

Energy Management Service


WEB Portal

Parameters shown

Heating and domestic hot water consumption, common electricity consumption of the building as a whole, the electric energy in the heating station (pumps, control), the lighting of staircases and the electricity which is needed for the elevator, temperatures of heating and DHW pipes, ambient temperature and other weather conditions

Link to prototype



Benchmarking opportunities/ comparisons

  • previous periods
  • average performance of similar systems


[kWh] - [m³] – [°C]


Automatic alerts are created from the monitoring system and sent to maintenance staff.

Report by email

Bi-annual reports with a detailed analysis and advices concerning possible actions to reduce energy consumption and to optimize the heating supply system