The two buildings cover an area of about 5.000 m² with 120 flats

The pilot site Catalonia was built in 2009, consisting of two buildings in Cerdanyola del Vallés: The Cordoba Street building and the La Clota Street building. Both blocks include incorporated energy efficiency building designs like increased insulation, natural ventilation, trombe walls and glazed galleries.

In eSESH, 77 flats in the size of 41 m² to 72 m² are equipped with the eSESH service. Tenants at this pilot site are young or middle-aged Spanish persons with frequent access to the internet. They are well educated and consider energy saving at home to be very important.  Most of them are disposed to make considerable effort in achieving this.

The eSESH services are aiming at overall energy savings and fixed-time demand reduction with the consequent benefit of lowering contracted power in the future. The services offered in Catalonia are based on monitoring data at three levels of detail in order to find the optimal configuration that, in view of the obtained results, could permit the extension of the services in larger scale. Each of the three levels requires different ICT equipment investment cost (from low to high).


Housing provider The Ministry of Territory and Sustainability of Catalonia (DTES)
Service provider Gasso Auditores SLP (GASSO)
Service provider The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE)
The awareness raising service for tenants measures the following parameter(s) Electricity and gas consumption (partly also internal temperature, humidity and thermostat set-point, thermal energy for heating, hot water and solar energy)
The management service used by professionals measures the following parameter(s) domestic hot water produced by solar system
Expected savings 10-20 %
Dwellings equipped with service 77


Devices/Media WEB Portal and IN-HOME DISPLAYS (partly)
Link to prototype http://eportal.cimne.com
Periods data is visualised monthly, weekly, daily and hourly
Benchmarking opportunities/ comparisons
  • previous periods
  • other tenants
  • average consumption of all dwellings in the same building
Units in [kWh] and also traduced approximately in [€] using utility’s average prices
Target setting Tenants can fix their energy consumption objective separately for gas and electricity for the month introducing it in [€]
  • in case of very high energy consumption levels and abnormal inside temperatures
  • For simplifying the web portal usage these alarms will be pre-defined by the service providing company
Saving tips An occupancy profile (users can introduce and modify their weekly occupation profile) together with the consumption information is used to generate intelligent personalised alerts in form of tips about how tenants can modify their energy consumption behaviour in order to obtain energy savings. The energy saving tips have the specificity allowed by the measured data, according to the measurement’s level of detail.
Other features Mailbox: automatic tips and advises generated from the system are shown, and also the messages to tenants from the energy manager are visualised.
Report by email monthly reports summarising the energy consumption of the tenant are generated automatically by the energy web portal and send to tenant by email.
Report by letter On request: monthly report via regular mail summarising the energy consumption of the tenant are sent
Energy coach On request an energy coach visits the tenant in his/her home and explains the service as well as giving tips for changing settings and/or behaviour in order to save energy


Devices/Media WEB Portal
Link to prototype http://eportal.cimne.com
Periods data is visualised monthly, weekly, daily and hourly
Units in [kWh]
Alerts Automatic maintenance warnings are created from the monitoring system and sent to maintenance staff in case of failure of the solar system.
Other features Supervision of data reception; revision of alarms for all dwellings, filtering of alarms by type, building and dwelling; message sending to tenants.