The pilot site Extremadura consists of 41 buildings.

The eSESH services in this pilot site are aiming at overall savings of electricity.The Junta de Extremadura will present costs and pollution studying consumption data in order to detect unsuitable tenant behaviours or inefficient systems in social houses. Each user will have access to an internet portal, where he/she could be able to check the provided information, specific advices and tips for their own situation about energy consumption.

Data will be collected by the electricity trading company (CIDE), which will provide them to users through numerical data and graphical on the website. Users can access them through a password to ensure data privacy. Junta will start storing the electricity consumptions in order to get data control process. At the beginning of the data control, a name and password - allocated to each participating tenant - will allow the access to their private data. Afterwards, the Junta will provide another link in which users can inquire about their customised behaviour and the way they can save electricity.

A further service is a study of the electric bill and consumption to identify possible improvements. The options are limited by the electric rates for homes in Spain but one example is to optimize the power that users have contracted and thus their monthly payments will be reduced.


Housing provider

Regional Ministry of Development, Housing, Planning and Tourism

Service provider

Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy

Service provider

CIDE Sociedad Cooperativa

The awareness raising service for tenants measures the following parameter(s)

Electricity consumption

Expected savings


Dwellings equipped with service


Energy Awareness Service


WEB Portal

Link to prototype



Benchmarking opportunities/ comparisons

Other dwellings with the same consumption profiles (similar heating and cooling, number of persons in the house) in the same location


In [kWh]

Saving tips

Saving tips will be provided in a personalised way after having conducted a real study of the characteristics of each property

Report by email

Annual reports summarising the energy consumption of the tenant are sent to tenant by email in the location available.

Report by letter

Annual reports summarising the energy consumption of the tenant are sent to tenant by postal mail in the other locations.

Other features:

ExtremMIEE and ExtremMH include on their websites some tips in order to carry out electricity savings at homes. Brochures with advices for saving electricity are distributed.