North Italy


The pilot site in North Italy consists of three sites including 27 buildings which were constructed since the late 1980s until to today.

The eSESH services are aiming at 10 % overall energy savings and fixed-time demand reduction with the consequent benefit of lowering contracted power in the future.

A web application to account for energy and water consumption in the buildings has been implemented. For each flat and building, in the database, it will be possible to know the seasonal consumption of energy (electricity, gas, district heating and other) and water. All energy types provided to a building are monitored in order to have a complete view and not only partial for a specific energy type. Privacy issues are taken in most concern: tenants will have access only to their own data, which they can compare to the average values of the entire building and to other buildings in the database.

The application is 100 % web based and does not require the installation of a new software; access through the website www.sole-project.com.

The energy portal has a section to monitor centralised renewable energy systems which are installed in the buildings. Through the use of the portal it is possible to assess and compare the performance of a specified system over winter/ summer and/or it is also possible to check the performance of several systems and then compare the outcomes. The service also provides the Housing Company user with the possibility to identify those systems which are not running at 100 % potential and take the necessary actions to improve the situation/ solve the problem.

The three buildings in Piacenza have been equipped with room temperature controllers in order to give the user the possibility to “take action” and program the space heating in a more energy saving way once he is aware of his consumptions.

The three buildings in Fano have been equipped with a monitoring system which allows the user to monitor his real-time consumption of hot water and space heating, along with room temperature, via a micro-PC which is connected to the television screen of the user and display.


Housing provider

Coop Casa SC

Housing provider

Indacoo (Piacenza74)

Housing provider

Villaggio dell’Amicizia

Service provider


Service provider

Greenergy SRL

The awareness raising service for tenants measures the following parameter(s)

  • Energy portal: electricity, gas, district heating and water
  • TV screens: hot water, space heating, room temperature, outside temperature

The management service used by professionals measures the following parameter(s)

renewable energy systems

Expected savings

10 %(EAS) and 5 % (EMS for professionals)

Dwellings equipped with service

483 (EAS – Energy Portal), 48 (EAS – TV screens) and 365 (EMS for professionals)

Energy Awareness Service – Energy consumption web portal


WEB Portal

Parameters shown

  • Electricity, gas, district heating and water; parameters changes according to the types and usages of energy in the building. As an example, a building could have the following parameters:
  • Electricity/ usage inside the dwelling
  • Electricity/ share of common space usages (lift, staircase lighting...)
  • Natural gas/ space heating
  • Natural gas/ water heating
  • Natural gas/ cooking
  • Water/ cold water used in the dwelling
  • Water/ hot water used in the dwelling

Link to prototype



Benchmarking opportunities/ comparisons

  • previous periods
  • average consumption of own building
  • average consumption of different buildings


The website user can visualize the outputs in 4 different formats:

  • Consumption in the period per dwelling – own energy types’ unit
  • Consumption in the period per unit of floor area – own energy types’ unit per m2
  • Consumption in the period per dwelling – primary energy
  • Consumption in the period per unit of floor area – primary energy per m2

In addition the percentage of electricity consumption during peak hours (%) over the total electricity consumption in the period is reported.

Report by letter

A report of the energy consumption of the building is sent to the tenants twice per year.

Energy coach

A tenant with consumptions significantly higher than the average is invited to the head office of the cooperative to discuss about his situation and possible improvements in terms of better use of the building services and an eventual evaluation of retrofitting measures.


In case a household has very high consumption for a specific energy use, the Energy Expert can get in touch offering support.

Other features:

The tenant can visualize the data through the “comparison table”, where consumption results for each energy type and usages are presented in form of icons to facilitate the understanding of quantities: Five shades of colours from green to red indicate low or high consumption compared to the average in the building; up/ down/ horizontal arrow indicateincreasing or decreasing consumption compared to the previous period.

Data can be visualized also in chart form, with three different chart type currently implemented.

Energy Management Service - RES production web portal


WEB Portal

Parameters shown

Performance parameters of RES.

Solar thermal systems parameters:

  • Energy yield/ collector’s area (kWh/m2)
  • Flats’ area/ collectors’ area (m2/m2)
  • Daily hot water consumption/ collector’s area (litres/(m2*day))
  • Percentage of energy need provided by Solar thermal system (%)

Solar photovoltaic parameters:

  • Energy yield/ system nominal power (kWh/kWp)

Link to prototype


Benchmarking opportunities/ comparisons

Comparison of the different performance indicators of the different systems monitored in order to find out those who are in need of tuning/ repair

Energy Awareness Service – Real time hot water and space heating consumption through TV screens


micro-PC connected to TV screen, displaying a dedicated WEB page


Consumption summary which the user can display on his TV screen

Parameters shown

hot water, heating, room and outside temperature

Periods data is visualised

daily and hourly


Thermal energy [kWh], hot water [m3], room temperature [°C]


Algorithms tells where consumption are high, low or average in consideration of dwelling size, internal room temperature, external temperature, consumption in the last period (heating) and in consideration of the water used, size of dwelling, number of occupants (hot water)

Energy Coaching

Together with the Energy consumption portal service

Other features

The system allow the service provider to monitor remotely also the production from the Solar thermal systems, the Photovoltaic systems, and the Gas boilers